How to Choose The Right Window Shades and Blinds Window shades and blinds won’t only add a decorative touch to your home, but will also provide you extra privacy and protection against prying eyes and harsh sunlight. But much like any other addition you might make to your space, you will have to take some time to make sure that the blinds you’ve chosen are right for your needs and preferences. 1. Steer Clear of Overwhelming Prints and Colors Accent furniture and even accent walls are no longer uncommon, but if you were planning to use your shades or blinds as an accent for your home, you should reconsider. Using blinds or shades that are too brightly colored or that have lots of confusing prints can work against your interior’s appearance. Lighter, more neutral colors are always best for window shades and blinds. Choose a pattern that matches your interior if you really need to choose one with prints. 2. Light Fabrics are Always Best – Of course, heavy drapes might seem extra dramatic, but unless you were going for a dark, dangerous look for your interior, it would be best to settle with lighter fabrics. Pleated shades offer significant privacy while still letting lots of light in, giving your space a roomy, airy, and comfortable look.
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3. Go for Textured Shades – If you feel that your room is lacking in the style department and there’s not much in there to make it look well decorated, you can make a difference with textured shades. Visit your local blinds and shades retailer and you’re bound to find a wide variety of different textured options to suit your interior. Leveraging textures like rattan and bamboo won’t just add significant decorative appeal to your space but will also provide you just enough privacy to keep you feeling comfortable and safe wherever in your home you might be.
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4. Pinpoint Areas of Direct Sunlight – You probably already noticed that the different areas in your house are all doused in sunlight at different intensities at different hours of the day, which should make you think about the thickness of the window treatments you choose for specific areas. Areas in your home that don’t experience too much sunlight can be treated with window shades and blinds that aren’t too thick or heavy so that natural light can be filtered and allowed through for a comfortable and airy appearance. But be careful to choose blinds and shades that match, especially if they’re different thickness, as choosing the wrong sets can make your space look a little confusing. Keep this simple tips and tricks in mind the next time you go out to buy blinds or shades and make the most of your newest interior addition.

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