240Like most of us, you probably have an area, whether it’s a small corner area, or a larger spot that needs “something”. The problem is, you can’t quite figure out just what to put there. An étagère would be perfect.

Étagère simply means a free standing shelf. Because it is a free standing shelf it offers a world of possibilities to you and your home décor.

An étagère can be found for just about any spot in your home. Decorate that empty corner some with some height and style. Or, perhaps you need a decorative way to both store and show off some books. Add an étagère. Do you have a lot of unorganized CD’s and DVD’s that could use a decorative way to both show them off and keep them organized? Add an étagère.

Etageres are so versatile that it is difficult not to find a place in your home décor for one. Because etageres are free standing, some are designed with a corner shape so it will fit well in a corner area. While others are designed to freely stand anywhere you put it. Some étagère are designed with a pyramid shape to them, and others are straighter up and down.

Etageres come in a wide variety of styles and shapes. They are generally tall, but can be found in shorter varieties also. The styles that are available are vast. Etageres can be quite gaudy in appearance, to very modernistic, and virtually everything in between.

Wrought Iron Etageres are the most popular these days. Primarily because wrought iron and metal seamlessly blend in with almost every home décor.

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