242Ceramic tiles have come a long way from the plain, glossy ones of yesteryears to the more stylish models seen in a variety of types and categories. Sturdy and dependable, these tiles are a favorite with most people mainly due to the fact that they are a one-time investment. You just need to lay it once and they are there forever.

These days, manufacturers are coming out with printed tiles with attractive motifs and murals. But if you want your home to have a personal touch oozing with creativity, you better think of doing the painting yourselves or even hiring an artist who can give you lots of creative ideas. Painted ceramic tiles are perfect to smarten up kitchens, bathrooms, children’s bed rooms and play area, living rooms, stair risers, fireplaces, fountains, display windows, etc.

You can even bring in flora and fauna indoors through this art. For example, suppose you are a nature enthusiast, and there is no way for you to have a window in your kitchen overlooking the garden, you can actually get an artist to paint a scene from nature or at least a few plants and flowers on the tiles in your kitchen wall. Similarly, you can remodel your bathroom by getting it painted with a picture which catches your fancy. If large murals are not your cup of tea, you can even paint pictures of your favorite spices, herbs, fruits, vegetables, etc on individual tiles spaced suitably.

Hand painting ceramic tiles can be an easy and effortless process with just the basic knowledge of products used as well as techniques. Basically, the tiles used for this purpose can be plain ones that have a gloss. Different types of paints can be used to embellish the tiles, but the preferred varieties are china paints that are manufactured from several metal oxides. You will also require suitable brushes, palette knife, lavender oil, turpentine, some fine tipped calligraphy pens as well as soft glass pencils. Make sure you have lots of rags available to wipe off accidental spills.

Once you decide on the room and wall to be painted, you have to finalize on a theme so that you are able to come up with a clear picture with or without the help of an artist. Make rough sketches on paper and then draw it up on a graph paper of the same size. After cleaning the tiles thoroughly with soap and water, transfer the design on to it. Mix in paints with oil and turpentine and just let your imagination flow on the tiles. Once you are done with painting them, you need to bake it in a kiln at temperatures ranging from 1350 to 1500 Fahrenheit, for the design to be permanent.

Decorating your walls by means of painted ceramic tiles can undoubtedly give you and your family years of fun filled moments, not to mention the possibility of finishing up with a uniquely done up house that has a great resale value too.

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