The Benefits of Window Wells The small structures positioned outside the basement of a building are known as window wells. Water and soil is kept away by the window wells and they allow light to pass through. In any sub-area the basement window is an essential component. For the basement to have enough lighting and for it to be warm, the window wells are used to penetrate the light and warmth. During the constructions window wells are required by almost all building departments when finishing the basement. You should use window well covers because the window wells can be a source of water in your house. The water will be prevented from entering the house by the window well covers which diverts the rainwater. If the rain water builds up on the window walls it will penetrate trough the window frames into the house. For this reason your window wells should always be repaired and should be sealed tightly and perfectly locked. Also make sure that the ground which surrounds the window well is sloped and away from the house and it does not direct the water towards the window. The basement window must be strong and should be very safe because it is the most targeted place by thieves. The safety concern should be your first priority when building the window wells. The material you will use for your window well should be chosen wisely because materials like glass can be broken easily in case of robbery. Materials such as glass blocks can be used to build the window wells because they are very safe and strong and they cannot be broken easily. There are certain requirements that you should adhere to when you are constructing window wells. The international residential codes indicates that the minimum size of windows wells installed in the basement should be 24 inches width and 20 inches high. In case of a fire accident this space will be enough to escape through or the firefighters can come in through space. At least one window well should be installed in the basement. As many as possible window wells will be required if the basement is used as the living room. In the basement cool air is as a result of window wells. A lot of heat can be prevented from entering the basement area by insulating and sealing all the window wells. Using a double plane glass will be an excellent idea. Exposed window wells are very dangerous for anybody passing near them and animals too because they can fall and become trapped. The dangers caused by the window wells can be prevented by covering them up.If You Read One Article About Resources, Read This One

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