Consumers breath new life into their appliances by refinishing them. Specific steps are needed to accomplish this goal. By following these steps, the consumer can transform their appliance and make them look brand new. The following steps are appliance refinishing explained in a way that are easy to follow for any consumer.

Removing Handles and Cleaning the Appliance

The first step requires the consumers to remove the handles from the appliance. They should begin to clean the appliance completely. Appliance such as stoves and ovens require the consumer to scrub the grease and debris from all areas. Over time these appliances accumulate a vast amount of these substances. They are often hard to remove. It is vital for the consumer to remove them completely before continuing to the next step.

Preparing the Appliance for the Refinishing Process

The next step requires the consumer to apply a rust deterring primer. They should apply it to all metal surfaces completely. This prevents the appliance from developing rust and protects the finish. They should use painter’s tape to protect all non-metal surfaces, especially glass.

Performing the Refinishing Process

The first step of the refinishing process is to apply liquefied stainless steel onto all metal surfaces. The consumer should use a roller to complete this step as it helps to provide full coverage. They need a foam brush to remove all excess steel to prevent uneven markings on the surface. A second coat is needed to complete the application.

Last, they apply a clear sealant onto the stainless steel. This seals in the stainless steel application and provides a shiny top coat. The consumer should repeat these processes for the handles to ensure that they match the application completely. Once they have dried properly, the consumer should reattach the refinished handles to the appliance.

Consumers transform their stainless steel appliances by refinishing them. These applications could make the products look brand new and maintain their aesthetic appeal. This eliminates any hindrances for the consumer when they revamp their kitchen design. The applications lasts for many years and maintains its shine. Consumers who wish to start the project should contact their preferred supply for all their improvement needs today.

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