Choosing the Best Headlight Bulbs Halogen bulbs are still ranking as the top most used lights in the market today, but there are other brands that are gaining popularity quickly. Lights such as the Light-Emitting Diode (LED) and Xenon are some of the bulbs coming up quickly. Here a comparison of the three options based on their performance, price and safety. The Halogen Lights Halogen lights are the most common lights in the market and are found in most consumer vehicles. These bulbs compare to the incandescent lights and make use of heated tungsten filaments to emit light. The halogen lights produce a significant amount of heat, and during their replacement, their performance can get affected by even small deposits of skin moisture. The main benefits of these bulbs are their long life and low replacement cost. Xenon Headlights When compared to the halogen lights, the Xenon or HID (High-Intensity Discharge) lights produce less heat and have a high light intensity. These bulbs produce a blue-white light that is extremely bright and one that has been known to blind drivers. To produce their first burst of light, xenon bulbs will require a substantial amount of heat, but once they get fully operational they will need less energy to maintain the constant brightness. The main advantage of these lights is that they have a long lifespan and produce little heat. They are, however, expensive than the halogen lights.
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LED Headlights The LEDs are the most recent innovation in the technology of lights. The LED lights do not use gas and filaments to produce light but rather use small diodes that emit light when an electric current excites their electrons. LEDs use less amount of power to function, but they produce a relatively high amount of heat on the diode. As a result, they require a heat control system at the lower surface of the headlight and near the components. If the thermal control system fails, the light and other electronics could get affected. The size of the LED bulbs is small meaning that they can be formed into any shape, and they also have a directional rather than diffuse light. This makes them an excellent choice for headlights.
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In conclusion, you will notice that both the xenon and LED lights emit a pattern of light on the road as compared to the halogens that offer only a small pool of yellow lights directly ahead of the vehicle. When buying a car, it is good to ensure that you choose one with the LED lights. Do not stop there, it is necessary that you ensure that your auto repairer is well equipped to handle LED headlights and also knows how to make repairs and replacements.

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