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How To Decorate Your Home’s Interior With A Theme

241Interior decorating with a theme allows you to show yourself in your home décor. What is theme interior decorating? It’s simply taking an idea and implementing it in a room or your entire home to create a solid, pleasant look that makes you feel happy and comfortable.

Anyone can place a sofa, chair and coffee table in a living room. But that is not interior decorating. It is simply placing the minimum to allow people to sit down. It doesn’t say a thing about the people who live in the home.

That same room, however, can be done with a theme and the room can express a lot about the personalities of the people who live in that home. A tropical theme can make a room light and airy with lots of plants, bright color to accent the furnishings and tropical items like an aquarium, pictures of tropical scenes, sea shells and other objects the family loves.

Interior decorating with a theme can range from country to southwestern to colonial. There is no limit to what you can use in a theme when creating a room that is appealing and welcoming to you, your family and guests that visit the home.

To choose a theme for interior decorating a room, just think of what you or your family members love. Are butterflies your passion? Use that as a theme. Do you love birds? There’s a theme that can be beautifully employed in a room. Is the ocean your love? Use it as a theme for the color scheme as well as the décor. Do you love fishing? There’s a useful theme to center your room around. Whatever you truly love is what you should select as a theme for a room.

When doing interior decorating with a theme, you are only limited by your imagination. A child’s room could be decorated as a castle and make the child a perfect fantasy environment that will make bedtime fun. A young sports fan can have a theme room decorated around their favorite sport. There’s just no end to what can be included in a theme décor.

One great point about interior decorating with a theme is that the room should be fun. It should be fun to glance at and fun to use as well. Function and form can work together to create the ultimate theme room. Whether you choose a theme that is whimsical or classical, you can still maintain a sense of fun in the room’s décor.

Decorate with an Etagere

240Like most of us, you probably have an area, whether it’s a small corner area, or a larger spot that needs “something”. The problem is, you can’t quite figure out just what to put there. An étagère would be perfect.

Étagère simply means a free standing shelf. Because it is a free standing shelf it offers a world of possibilities to you and your home décor.

An étagère can be found for just about any spot in your home. Decorate that empty corner some with some height and style. Or, perhaps you need a decorative way to both store and show off some books. Add an étagère. Do you have a lot of unorganized CD’s and DVD’s that could use a decorative way to both show them off and keep them organized? Add an étagère.

Etageres are so versatile that it is difficult not to find a place in your home décor for one. Because etageres are free standing, some are designed with a corner shape so it will fit well in a corner area. While others are designed to freely stand anywhere you put it. Some étagère are designed with a pyramid shape to them, and others are straighter up and down.

Etageres come in a wide variety of styles and shapes. They are generally tall, but can be found in shorter varieties also. The styles that are available are vast. Etageres can be quite gaudy in appearance, to very modernistic, and virtually everything in between.

Wrought Iron Etageres are the most popular these days. Primarily because wrought iron and metal seamlessly blend in with almost every home décor.

Tried-And-Tested Decorating Tips for Your Home

239Decorating our homes is not as difficult as we think. You can become your own interior stylist without having to go through design classes simply by exploring your creative and artistic side. One should always remember that behind a great room or a stylish abode is a basic set of decorating ideas that did not come from experts but from homemakers and simple individuals like anyone else. Your perfect home style is a combination of changing home design trends and the unique personalities of your housemates.

Having a beautiful home is not just about architecture; it is also about the heart and the comfort that it provides for its family members. It is about creating a resting nest of your own and surrounding yourself with the things that you love and enjoy the most.

By simply following these tried-and-tested tips from experts, your home can be as beautiful as any other designer home you see in the magazines. It can also be transformed into the perfect home for your family.

Decorate with the things that you already have

You do not need to spend hundreds of dollars for new home furniture and decorations. Make do with the things that you have at home. Magazines and books that are arranged in piles or neatly stacked on coffee tables and bookcases can provide a great display for home. Display your favorite travel books or even recipe books in a visible corner of your kitchen to add color and interest in your space. There are many things that can be used at home — most of them usually unnoticed — for decorating your living spaces. Palettes can look great when remodeled into a useful storage box or seating space. You can even use old mason jars, a favorite home decor accessory nowadays in decorating homes.

Go for subdued calming colors

A splash of vibrant color would look cool and stylish inside our dwelling areas while calming colors will suit best to relax the mood and the vibe inside our home. A light colored wall gives a larger appearance to any room as well as pastel colors. A subdued color palette for your home allows furniture and decor to stand out, just like in a canvas.

Do not be afraid to be different

If you would want to go for an eclectic look, you can start breaking design standards and go for what you think is beautiful for your home. Experiment not only with color but also with the finishing and materials that you use. However, always leave something coherent among the spaces that you decorate at home to have a connection among the areas in your house.

Make your space something about you

Personalize your space so that it becomes a part of you. Your home should be filled with the things that you love and have a connection with. You can decorate a wall full of travel pictures or have your ceilings hand painted with your favorite landscape. It’s your home so it should reflect a little bit of who you are. Paint blinds or print designs onto them. As long as you feel that a piece of object in your home represents you, decorate it according to how you perceive art and beauty.

Elegant Home Decor Accessories

238It’s a fact that the most favorite place in this whole world is your own home. You may love going to new places but no place really has the ambiance of your home. The peace, the closeness, the comfort and the love that you get there is rather very hard to get in any other place.

People just love to decorate their house and like getting complements for their home decor. Your personality can be actually known from how well you maintain your house. The look of the house can be enhanced by just a few home accents and decor items.

You can give your house a complete makeover by using a wide range of home decor accessories. Get that designer look with these simple tips and tricks

• Hand crafted accessories are a great way to accessorize your home as they add a touch of sophistication. Crystal collectibles is a great accessory for home decor. Its sparkling effect sets the tone of your house. Crystal decor like crystal figurines, crystal angel, and crystal candle holders adds an edge to the look of the room. Crystal pieces give a sense of preciousness and timeless beauty to people. They are beautiful to look at and are said to be the epitome of luxury.

• Complete the character of your room by furnishing it with rugs. People usually don’t go with rugs but in reality rugs just add to the look and are a great accessory. As rugs are more resistant to water use a rug in your bathroom instead of a bath mat and see how it changes the look of the bathroom.

• Porcelain collectibles especially hand-crafted is another attractive feature for home decor. Hand crafted porcelain collectibles like porcelain figurines, porcelain nightlights and porcelain dinnerware or tea sets are actually considered as treasure and a sign of beauty. Its exquisite and intricate design will capture the imagination of the onlooker. You can arrange them in order for display.

• Enamel trinkets or enamel boxes also can add life to your room. They can be used as keepsakes and as an accessory at the same time. The combination of vibrant color and the design improves the view of your home.

• Art glass like globe ornaments and stemware give that versatile, timeless look that people are bound to notice.

You can also decorate your house according to the season with the seasonal crystal and enamel pieces. Implement these tips and just love the visible enhancement of your home.

How to Decorate Your Home in a Traditional Style

237You may have grown up in a house that as decorated in traditional style, or you may just appreciate the subtle elegance and comfort that traditional decor creates. Many people mistakenly believe that a house can only be decorated in traditional style with costly antiques, hand-me-downs and a heritage-listed building, but this is not the case. Achieving any style-traditional included-is as simple as creating a continuity between the furniture, its layout and the other aspects of decor. Whether you're considering new outdoor tiles, a lick of paint or changing up the window-dressings, keeping with the theme will make sure you achieve your design goals. Here are a few tips on getting that much-coveted traditional style home decor:

So, What IS Traditional Style?

If you're a little hazy on the details, traditional-style decor is that elegant, intricately-made furniture and layout that makes you think of an old English manor. Think gold gilding, curly chair-back designs and plush velvet couches. Think dark mahogany, carved table-stands and four-poster beds. Colours are rich without being garish, and wood and brass play a big part. Here's an example:

The Room Itself

Before you begin buying and collecting furniture, think of the room as a blank canvas ready for you to put the traditional touch on it with thinks like paint, carpets and curtains. If you're considering wall colour, remember that mustards, deep reds and purples are all very traditional colours. Traditional rooms are usually slightly darker, so you can afford to go with bold colours, although try not to make the room look too small! Another way you could dress the walls is wallpaper. Wallpaper seems to have come in and out of vogue over the past century, but a feature wall in maroon and gold will really set the tone nicely! As for your floors, this will come down to weather you have pre-existing carpet or bare wooden floors. Bare floors are ideal as they enable you to choose opulent rugs and carpets to put down, but if you already have carpet don't fret-you can either embellish the carpet with a rug on top, or think about working with the existing carpet theme-if it's a rich colour it may just work as it is! Curtains should be thick and rich also, and instead of keeping these fully-drawn you should loop tassels at the wall and pull them back only at their mid-points, so as to retain the romantic, cosy feel of the room.

Furnish-Without Breaking the Bank

Make no mistake-traditional furniture can be expensive, but it doesn't have to be. There are several ways you can get a hold of traditional furnishings at reasonable prices. One way is to look for replicas. Many furniture manufacturers make new furniture in an old-world style to meet demand for this kind of theme. There is also the option of heading to bric-a-brac stores where people may have donated unwanted furniture, or simply roaming the streets of opulent suburbs on council collection days-you'll be amazed at the quality things rich people throw out!

Finishing Touches

Once you've furnished your house in a traditional style, you'll notice you're drawn to traditional items everywhere you go. Slowly but surely you can build up your collection of vintage crockery, paintings, prints and other collectibles! There's also no reason why you can't extend this type of decor to the outside of your home. Why not think about a wrought-iron railing on your balcony, or some elegant sandstone pavers and a statue out the back? Before you know it your house will be a traditional masterpiece, inside and out.